Friday, August 24, 2007

Crocus to Clouds

Four crocus out of 20 is not really a good result, but maybe quality is better than quantity.
Or perhaps I'm just impatient and more will come up.

Two's company, even for bird seed on warm sunny afternoon.

Billowing clouds. Can you see the small dot in the bottom right corner?

It's an airship advertising a Holden car.

Yesterday's sunset

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Garden girl said...

Spring is definately in the air - it is over here in the west too! mmm I can smell that spring air and all those delightful you have hyacinths too?

Alice said...

GG - I only have the little blue grape hyacinths, not the beautiful and deliciously perfumed Dutch Hyacinths. I want to plant lots more bulbs next year in amongst the shrubs and in odd corners.

Garden girl said...

Hi alice - thanks for visiting my blog! yes this is my 'creation' - I live for summer, love the heat very much always have only you dont get too much of it where I was born - in UK, so love living in Aus. Have been here for 30 years! Oh roll on summer! I want to buy some hyacinths for the house - got some last year and they smelt so lovely!

Barbara said...

Your Spring flowers are just starting to bloom, whereas I put all these bulbs now in my gardenbeds ! Your sunset is beautiful, I just took a picture of our sunset yesterday and when I compare it with yours, it could almost be the same. We only have these special
coloured sunsets in autumn and spring.

Kerri said...

Will you look at that?!!! And here I thought it was almost Fall! Who's of thunk!
Aren't crocus just the loveliest harbinger of springtime? Your closeups are a delight Alice!
I love seeing the Rosellas..and the wonderful skies...and the colors of the sunset. Thank you.
I wonder what the new Holden looks like. I remember the old ones. I learned to drive in one that was an old boyfiend's first car..pride and joy. He got very upset every time I stalled it :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Alice, The close up of the Crocus showing all the detail is just beautifull. And that beautiful sunset makes the sky look like its on fire.

jellyhead said...

There may be only four of them, but the crocuses are making up in beauty what they lack in numbers!! Those photos are so crisp and vivid.

I love the sunset, too :)

Val said...

Oh enjoy the anticipation of flowers to come. The crocus are so gorgeous, not for what they are, but what they represent. As Kerri says, its such fun having the mirror image of our seasons in the northern hemisphere, to make us appreciate what we are about to lose!

meggie said...

Your photos are just wonderful! I love spring bulbs but have no luck growing them here. They used to do so well in Christchurch.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh my, Alice, those crocus photos are just stunning. What beautiful flowers. I love your sunset photos, too ... sunsets can be quite beautiful, can't they.
Take care, Meow

Frankie said...

I can smell the air of spring in Canberra, the gum trees, the blossoms everywhere... I'm homesick, I am!

Julie said... sure is gorgeous there where you are! Such variety and color in your gardens! I love all your photography and Mrs. Dimwhitty!