Thursday, May 22, 2008

100 Years

Today would have been my mother-in-law's 100th birthday, and my father's in nine days time.
Alas, they passed away in 1987 and 1991.
(L to R) my Mother-in-law, my Mother, Richard, my Father, Shelly (mainly hidden) on her 1st birthday, me.
(I can't disclose how many years ago this photo was taken or it will give away Shelly's age, amd I'm not sure she would
I've been thinking about all the changes they would have seen were they alive today - indeed, the many changes in lifestyle they did experience.
Things that we take for granted today were either not invented or not necessarily readily available to the majority of people for the whole of those 100 years.
Cars, electricity, air travel, telephones, television, computers, mobile phones, the internet, air-conditioning, many life-saving drugs and medical techniques, and even many of the foods we eat.
Of course, there are many less positive things they have been largely spared too, like the spread of AIDS, terrorism, drug dependency, world poverty, the effects of climate change, and the dwindling energy resources.
It's hard to imagine how the next 100 years could possibly bring as many changes, don't you think?


Barbara said...

Yes, Alice it is difficult to imagine....and WE will never know what kind of changes will be brought When looking back myself, there are so many "new invented" things and changes already, so actually I'm confident that human beeing will continue to be inventive and creative.

jellyhead said...

I love old photos, and this is such a happy one! And look at you Alice in your short shorts with your great legs! (I'm jealous because my legs have NEVER been good enough to wear very short shorts!!)

You must miss your parents a lot.

Hugs to you
from Jelly

Kerri said...

I'm glad to see this photo again, Alice. That's a wonderful smile you have, and as Jelly says, great legs :)
Your MIL and Ross share their birth date..well, the day of the month..not the year, LOL.
PTL for positive progress...especially tractors and other farm machinery! :)

Kali said...

I remember seeing this photo before and still think it's marvellous.
Time is so fleeting. So precious.
100 years from now who knows what will be happening.