Monday, May 26, 2008

The Flowers May Be Spent....

.... but there's still plenty of foliage variety to maintain interest in the garden, even being less than a week from the onset of Winter. This is what was in my garden this morning.
Pink Correa

Silver-leaved Pyrethrum

White Correa

Callistemons and Acacias


Grevillea and Pittospermum

Japanese Maple




Geraldton Wax

Purple-leaved tea tree


Hop Bush

Dwarf Conifer


(If any photos drop out, right click on red cross and Show Picture. May need to be repeated a few times.)


Kerri said...

I'm always happy to stroll through your beautiful garden, Alice. What an amazing variety of plants you have. Looking at your lovely photos gives me a real appreciation for the many different colors, shapes and textures of the various shrubs, trees and perennials that make up your garden.
Thanks for sharing the beauty with us :)

meggie said...

Beautiful foliages. Love the colours in Autumn/winter- even the bare branches have a charm.

Michael Manning said...

Alice: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Very invigorating. I live in the Arizona desert where many beautiful flowers and mountains abound but THIS was just wonderful to see!

Anonymous said...

gosh, those are glorious!

Tacoma flowers

Noella said...

Nature's palette, Alice! A credit to your gardening skills and your photography.

Barbara said...

You have presented so many beautiful, interesting and for me new and unknown plants, Alice, that I have to look out in my plant encyclopedia now. But this is a nice job to do :-)!!