Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reflected Sunset

These reflected sunset shots to the south and the east were taken from Shelly's back deck last evening.
I have lightened the first photo so that you can see the kangaroos in the foreground.
(Click to enlarge.)

Can you see the aeroplane in the top of the photo?

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jellyhead said...

Now THAT is a view. What splendour in Shelly's own back yard!

shellyC said...

...when you look beyond my actual garden!!!

Alice said...

Shelly - I maintain that whatever you can see from your house is part of your garden. Terrific in your case, but not so good in other cases, ie. rubbish dumps,

Kerri said...

Those colours or the sunset are oh, so beautiful Alice. Shelly certainly has a lovely view. That's quite a mob of kangaroos! Where do they find water? How sad to see the grass looking so colourless.
We've had just a little, much-needed rain this morning. I hope you get a good dose of it soon.

Noella said...

What a view! I love the pastel colours - again beautiful photos Alice! You truly have the artist's eye.