Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nearly Missed It

I haven't taken any sunset photos for many months........
and I nearly missed this one, too.
I just happened to look out of the window to see pink-tinged grey clouds in the East,
which seemed to indicate there must have been a good sunset in the West.
I would have taken more photos from better positions, but there was a dog with
very strong-looking jaws roaming around - and I'm a first class coward
when stray dogs seem to have mislaid their owners.

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shellyC said...


Oh and don't be afraid to call the pound!! I would!!

Barbara said...

A very dramatic sunset, indeed!

Kerri said...

Those colors are spectacular! It's like looking into a fiery furnace!
You always manage to get such wonderful sunset shots looking through those beautiful trees.
Being careful of stray dogs is sensible, not cowardly Ms. Alice. We need to keep you whole so we don't miss out on your wonderful photos :)

Noella said...

Ahhhhhhhh! The trees make wonderful silhouettes. So peaceful!

Hope it wasn't a full moon that night, with the hounds on the loose!