Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swamp Cypresses

These Swamp Cypresses (Taxodium distichum) beside Lake Burley Griffin provide a brilliant autumn display.

Several specimens in this stand of trees haven't even begun to change colour, whilst others have coloured magnificently.

It's possible that this group of eucalypts in front of the green cypresses has protected them from the colder weather, thus they have retained their green leaves.

Swamp cypresses with their seed cones.

Varying shades.

(If any of the photos drop out, right click on red cross and on Show Picture. May need to be repeated a few times.)


Anonymous said...

Enough with the autumn trees! I get depressed because there aren't such colours up here!!!

But they are all beautiful shots.

meggie said...

Beautiful colours. I have visited Canberra twice only, & both times it was Autumn, & truly beautiful.

Alice said...

But Tanya, you have GREEN. I'd swap quite a few of our colours for some green.

Peggy said...

Nice to see cool autumn colors while we are heading into hot summer breezes. Always love your photos!

Kerri said...

It seems strange to see autumn colors while we're experiencing our spring (although it feels like winter is back today!). Those trees are putting on a gorgeous display against the lovely blue skies and you've captured their beauty so well!
I can imagine how much you enjoy them. Thanks for sharing the beauty :)

alice said...

Those colours are just divine. Gorgeous.

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Alice, nice to hear from you. We have wonderful weather in Hessen, but sorryly no rain! I do not comment very often in the moment, my bad back, you know. But I try to post each week. In the moment we have a lot of work in the garden, Mr. Wonderful make a way through the little Hill in front of the house, a lot of work. He named it his *Road to Santiago*.


Zoey said...

Hi Alice,
It always makes me take a second look when I come to your blog and see the different season. It takes me a moment to remember where you are. Your fall colors are beautiful. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.

Barbara said...

Wow, looks like "burning" trees! Excellent photos!