Friday, May 23, 2008

Another view

Kerri has photos on her blog of a bird they call a Killdeer, which is a member of the Plover family. We are familiar with plovers in this country, and after our encounter with some at the coast last year, I would quite happily call them Killdeer, or 'Kill Anything'.
We were walking through the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens in Spring time. That's right, Spring time, the time when parent birds are zealously guarding their offspring. As plovers nest in the grass, it is very easy to walk close to a nest without realising it. That is, until a seemingly docile bird .........

........ suddenly gathers its mates and they become shrieking, swooping, diving, feathered fiends, bent on frightening ten years growth out of innocent passers-by, regardless of the disparity in size.

Fortunately, we had umbrellas with us and managed to shield ourselves from the onslaught. However, it's difficult to hold an open umbrella, whilst turning in circles to face the next attack, and take photos at the same time - hence this is the only shot I was able to take of one marauding plover.
Take care, Kerri and Ross, when those speckled eggs hatch!
(If any of the photos drop out, right click on red cross then on Show Picture. May need to be repeated a few times.)


Anonymous said...

My most hated animal on the face of the planet is the plover. If they kept quiet you wouldn't even know they were there. They have wings and can fly, yet insist on putting their eggs on the ground in busy public places. Absolute fools!

Kerri said...

I'm thankful that our Killdeer are better natured than your Plover. They do the same after the babies hatch as they do beforehand...try to lure us away with the broken wing trick, or just by flying away and crying shrilly.
You did well to get these photos while under attack, Alice :)

jellyhead said...

Yes, plovers are terrifying when they swoop.... I can't believe you got a photo!! You are a brave soul!

Merle said...

Dear Alice ~~ Well done on the photo. I used to see them on my way to school too many years ago, and they sure are noisy blighters.
Thank you so much Alice, for your good wishes about my scan results. I can rellax a bit now. Take care and
enjoy your nice warm home as we go into Winter. Love, Merle.

Seeing Anew said...

You're quite talented to get a shot of an attacking plover! I would have been scared witless! Our killdeer are noisy, and in my mind, a bit paranoid, but at least they don't lay their eggs in the middle of public footpaths, and then take offense if you walk by! Fun story -- and I'm glad you and your camera fared well through the ordeal.

Sylvana said...

My husband and I were attacked by a killdeer at a garden center. If you're far enough from the nest they will fake a broken wing to bait you further from the nest. But if you are too close -- LOOK OUT!! We couldn't figure out where the nest was because this one would alternate between broken wing and berzerker.

sexy said...