Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now You See It .......

....... Now You Don't!
Scrolling back through the posts on this page I noticed that odd photos keep disappearing. It's not always the same photos each time I look. Really annoying and frustrating.
However, I have found that if I RIGHT click on the little red cross, and then RIGHT click on SHOW PICTURE, the photo will re-appear, although I may have to repeat the process three or four times. I hope it works for you.
Is anyone else having these sort of problems at the moment


Anonymous said...

It was lovely to read your comment on my blog this morning. Definitely made my day!

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why I ditched Blogger for Wordpress. That was one of the many things that were happening to me on my Blogger account.

Kerri said...

I haven't had the problem recently, but last night one of the sets of 4 pictures didn't post properly with Picasa and I had to do it again. I find if the front page of my blog doesn't open at the end of the 'posting' message, then the pictures will inevitably appear as little crosses.
Thanks for the advise on right clicking on the red x. I scrolled down and found several red x's here, so I tried it, and it worked! Left clicking on 'show picture' works too.
These little Blogger quirks are curiouser and curiouser :)

Seeing Anew said...

No missing photos or little red crosses for me! I got to enjoy every one of your beautiful fall photos. We are having a glorious, exuberant spring in Ohio -- more blossoms than I can ever remember. It's funny how looking at your red fall trees reminds me of quieter, more tranquil times.

Noella said...

Nothing missing for me either, and I've been back many times before leaving this message.

Sometimes slow downloading can be the problem with getting the little crosses, and that may vary with traffic. Frustrating.

But oh! your beautiful photography is worth waiting for!