Thursday, September 21, 2006

Around and About

These photos are of various scenes in and around Floriade and Commonwealth Park.

Pots of mixed flowers and baskets on stands.

Floral arrangement of Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)

Anthiriums (just for Tanya)

Army helicopter pilots with a birds-eye view.

High Court of Australia

Pollarded basket willows.

Potting mix trial. (Kerri - do you have any spares?)

Replica of Cockington Green, a miniature village on the outskirts of Canberra. Modelled on Babbacombe in Devon, UK.

I wonder does she give coloured and flavoured milk?

Captain Cook Water Jet with National Library.

Elm in flower beside Commonwealth Avenue.

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Violas on Commonwealth Avenue with Parliament House in far distance.


Jeanette said...

photo,s of around commonwealth park and the floral arrangements are very colourfull and lovely .
my bird of Paradise just starting to flower

PEA said...

Your pictures always make me want to go over there and see all that beauty for myself!! Beautiful pictures with so many amazing colours! Love the cow! lol Hugs!

Kerri said...

There's a riot of color in those photos Alice, and some beautiful peaceful scenes too. You have some wonderful subject material there.
We could probably scrounge up some spare tires for you, but you'd have to come and get them :) And bring pastel coloured paints!
That cow is a real flower child :)
I'd love to stroll among those lovely flowering trees.

Jennifer said...

I love your photos. I wish there were places like that around here for me to take pictures of. Thank you for sharing them.

Brony said...

Wow, great photos.
Thanks for sharing them.

Linda A said...

You are SO far removed from McCloud's daughters!!! This is SO beautiful. What a riot of color.. I was admiring some blue plumosas along the highway today.. but THIS is spectacular... and the cow.. how 'udderly' delightful. Thanks for the visual trip..

Apple said...

We don't have beautiful public spaces in our area, how lucky you are!

judypatooote said...

Beautiful pictures again.....your so lucky to be able to see it all in person.....I'm going on a little trip for 4 days the first week in Oct. and I'm hoping to get some good pictures....we are going to upper Michigan.....hope to find colorful trees.....

Wendy A said...

What is with the cow? That is really cute. I also love the spares. Some people are soooo clever. Thanks for the tour!

Val said...

"I wonder does she give coloured and flavoured milk?"
And how many bras would she need? (inside joke)

"Elm in flower beside Commonwealth Avenue."
Either that's early or our elm tree is 'way behind.

Anthiriums - aren't they unreal looking? The first time I saw these was as a gift to me, and I thought they were artificial!

Images by Barbara Ann said...

I know you have been in seventh heaven being able to photograph so many lovely flowers.

Barbara Ann

Tammy said...

I loved all of these colorful pictures!!
My favorite was the wee vilage and the colorful cow!!
We have those spare tires full of flowers all over the!

Sigrun said...

Very colourful photos, Alice, I like them all, but not the wheels.
We are back from holiday and I am sooo tired.


Kali said...

Hi Alice ~ thanks so much for these stunning pics of Floriade! It is on my to see list one day...I always get excited when it's on...lovely Canberra :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You have your colored cows, like we have our painted hands.
I've also never seen the tractor tire planters painted before...around here people just leave them natural and you see some in the country.

slap me happy said...

I lived in Canberra for my first month in Australia, in Yarralumla and loved the place esp Queenbeyan fruit market, always made it fun for they had testers of all the fruits there for us to try before we would buy. New concept at the time for us lol, but gorgeous pics of Lake Burley Griffin, very nice.