Sunday, September 24, 2006

Grand Final Clouds

Many days when there have been wonderful cloud formations all around, I've been tempted to drive to the hockey centre to take photos from up in the stands. Today the clouds were obliging, even if the wind and temperature were not.

Darkening clouds over the grounds before the game.

Synthetic grass must be watered before matches and sometimes again at half-time.

If only they would bring rain.

Teams warming up.

In play.

Setting sun.Posted by Picasa


PEA said...

Cloud formations are so fascinating and once again you've gotten some great pictures. Everytime I look up at the sky now I think of you and want to take pictures! lol Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I just cannot get over how gloriously green that field is. I love that mentioned the words "Grand Final" as my rugby team made it into the g final and I am just so very excited.
Have a lovely day my sweet. Much love, Nicole xox.

Tammy said...

very nice pictures...too bad it did not rain??

Kerri said...

Like Pea, I think of you whenever I look up at the clouds, or see the sunset. I went to get my camera just this evening because I saw some lovely cloud formations, with just a soft touch of color.
As we were driving home from church today, our clouds actually looked a lot like yours do in the 3rd picture. They were wonderful. Naturally we thought of you Alice :)
I too wish those clouds would bring you rain! I'd dearly love to send some of ours your way!!! We ended up with a lovely sunny afternoon, after a dreary start to the day.
I love the colors in that last picture.

Wendy A said...


Why????? Why do they water them??

Alice said...

Wendy - the main reason for watering the synthetic pitches is that players can receive bad burns if they fall on dry 'grass'. I think there may also be problems of slipping, and the grass disintergrating. However, it's only during matches that it needs to be wet; it can survive the hottest of summers without water if it's not being used.

Meow said...

Hi Alice, you certainly have shared some wonderful photos in the last week. Once again, Canberra is so beautiful. I must go back and visit it again. I loved Cockington Green when I visited it years ago.
Take care, Meow

Sue said...

You take the most amazing pictures of the sky! I've enjoyed each one!

judypatooote said...

I am so jealous.....I took my new camera and took a picture of the clouds from my back yard....and yuck, nothing like yours....of course I'm in Toledo and your in Australia, could that make a difference.....?
Keep snapping those them.....

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

All those lovely dark rain would think it's about to start raining.

By synthetic grass you didn't mean artificial turf, did you? Is synthetic grass man made or created? Or is it really grass?

slap me happy said...

Go the Bronco's,
what team were you going for ; )