Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Pics.

It's a few days now since I posted and I'm not sure just what I've been doing apart from sewing, gardening, mixing potting mix in the cement mixer, babysitting the grandchildren, looking at the exciting exhibits at the Wood and Timber Show (okay, I'm joking), dining out, and even a little housework. So, I'll just have to settle for some random photos of the past week.

ShellyC's peach tree.

Acrobatic Crimson Rosellas.

Nectarine blossom.

Three sunset shots.

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Peach Tree surrounded by tomato stakes.


susan said...

Ah, Springtime down under, thanks for having an opposite season so we can enjoy spring twice a year.

Jeanette said...

Hi Alice
My favorite the sunsets spring has arrived lovely blossoms
and the crimson rosellas just lovely .
Take care

Wendy A said...

Excellent photos. Love the fire in the sky. I too am taking flower shots. So tempting when spring is in the air.

Kerri said...

Ah Spring...Thank you Alice!
I've been eagerly awaiting your spring blossoms. Does Shelly's tree produce many peaches? It's beautiful. Is the nectarine tree yours? I love your little peach tree too. Looks like Richard plants lots of tomatoes. Ours are so delicious at the moment. I have plenty to give away.
I could watch those rozellas for ages. They're wonderful.
Your sunsets are gorgeous as usual. We've had some pretty ones lately.
You've been a busy girl!

plainandsimple said...

I'm loving all the pictures of Australian gardens at the moment. My garden's nearing its end now!

Linda A said...

Just beautiful again! The fruit trees amaze me. Do you have high humidity there? My husband wondered if low humidity was one of the secrets to your incredible plants there.

Happy you had a few 'delights' to share

Emma said...

Wonderful photos! I've not really seen peach trees (tropical girl) I didn't realise they had pink flowers! How pretty!!


PEA said...

Hi Alice:-) Beautiful pictures once again and I was quite taken with the one of the peach tree...never seen one in bloom before! You must be so happy that Spring is now there...on my drive home today from being out of town, I noticed how much our tree leaves are changing colours. Autumn is fast approaching!! Loved reading your posts I had missed and such wonderful pictures...I'm calling you our official Blog photographer!! lol Take care! Hugs xoxo

Meow said...

Hi Alice, gorgeous pictures again. Isn't it wonderful that we are now in Spring ... everything is so beautiful.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Stuart said...

Great pics of the rosellas Alice. Aren't they a great contrast to our Aussie bush?

BTW - is the potting mix recipe a family secret?

Shell said...

All the blossoms are so beautiful!

Apple said...

Thanks for the spring blossoms. The trees here are already starting to turn and it won't be long before we have just brown and white, so I look forward to your pictures.

The sunset pictures are wonderful.