Saturday, September 16, 2006

Spring time garden

A sunny Friday afternoon, camera in hand, what can I photograph? I guess the front garden will have to do!

New tulips - white, cream, pink, burgundy and a stray red.

Canadian Maple in the distance with red flowers. Paper Birch in foreground yet to come into leaf.

We're enjoying that patch of green while it lasts.

The gazanias welcoming the sunshine.

Closer view of the C. Maple which provides such stunning colour in the autumn.

View from the roadway.

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Hop Bush, Lavatera and Forsythia.


In transit said...

ohhhh, so pretty - I LOVE the tulips. hopefully we can go see them over here in the spring,being so close to Holland and all.... they are one of my faves.

Zoey said...

Ah, spring in the garden. It's my favorite time. You're garden is looking great.

Zoey said...

oopss, make that your. I was intending to write something different.

Kerri said...

You have so much color and so many pretty flowers already! I love the colors of the tulips.
And your lawn is a lovely shade of green. It must be so nice to have a lawn to mow again :)Or at least to walk on and for the grandkids to play on.
The lavatera is so pretty. I see it's a relative to my mallow.

I must go out and pick some beans, tomatoes and swiss chard.

Enjoy your springtime Alice!

PEA said...

Spring seems to be springing quite well for you already:-) Love the colours of your tulips and all your other flowers too! How lovely to see one of our Canadian Maples in your yard...ours are now starting to change colours as Autumn is fast approaching! Hugs!

jellyhead said...

I loooooove tulips, and yours are so beautiful!

Just saw the post with photos of Luca, too.... isn't he just a cutie-pie?! Good to hear you had such a happy day with him. I bet he thought puddling in your garden was fan-tas-tic!

Abandoned in Pasadena said... pretty!!! I love that brick retaining wall and the way you have planted the flowers above it. You have such a lovely yard.

Things are beginning to dry up and look barren...fall is here, but not the beautiful leaves yet...they haven't arrived yet.

I wasn't looking forward to the winter months, until I saw your pictures. Now I know what I will be doing this winter...Watching your garden grow and getting ideas for mine in the spring.

susan said...

Green grass, forsythia, and tulips, oh my! Spring is definitely in the air down yonder!

miss*R said...

my! look how that lawn has come on.
yep - less than 100 days til Christmas:
days til Christmas

Motherkitty said...

Your garden is lovely. All your beautiful plants are just a backdrop to your beautiful country. Thank you, as always, for giving us an eyeful of your neck of the woods.

I LOVE your tulips, all colors of them.

Sigrun said...

Hi Alice, you have spring - such nice photo-collection! Look at my blog this day- we have 'flame of autumn' like Marias idea.


Tammy said...

loved the sunshine forsythia!!
All of the pictures are very good!!

sharonkay said...

Very pretty pictures of your yard, from the pictures you have taken I would think I was walking through a pretty.

Val said...

Lovely to see all the spring things, as we in UK slip towards the autumn.

Carol said...

Oh wow suddenly spring has sprung everywhere in your beautiful garden and your lawn is still so green! Lovely photos Alice!

Lulu said...

what a lovely place

judypatooote said...

It sure is beautiful over their... Your yard is gorgeous, and tulip, oh my......isn't it hard to believe that when it is summer here it is winter there. But though our blogging we can share the seasons.....thanks.....

roybe said...

Your turf is looking great, congratulations to Richard and yourself for a job well done.