Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Uninvited visitor

Although these white cockatoos are very striking birds we try to dissuade them from helping themselves to the bird seed. We don't want to encourage them to settle on the roof either in case they take a liking to the woodwork. I've seen photos of houses in a terrible state as a result of those incredibly strong beaks.Posted by Picasa


jellyhead said...

'Ello cocky!

Did you ask him if he wanted a cracker? ;)

Kerri said...

That Jellyhead is a scream, isn't she?
Thank you Alice for the cocky....it's so pretty. Too bad they do so much damage. I love the way they lift their comb and look so inquiringly at you. Perhaps they are asking for a cracker :)
We've hardly seen our dear little hummingbirds at the feeders this summer. They're in the gardens though. I guess they haven't needed to use the feeders much. We miss seeing them up close.

Linda A said...

Talk about birds !!! You sure seem to have an assortment of 'flamboyant' feathered friends. We're just a little too cold to see those around here. when we have exotics -like conures or 'keets', they are escapees who have banded together to find food and trouble. ;-D

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Happy little guy, such a nice feeling there. I love how birds are so unique in different places in the world, just as trees are, and yet so universal at the same time.

Hope the visit blesses both of you... and leaves your wood work still shining strong : )

Shell said...

There are so many of them around where I live - they're always sqawking loudly in the late afternoon - not that I mind, I don't mind at all! I didn't know that they could damage woodwork - I'll have to keep that in mind.

PEA said...

It's so fascinating to know that these types of birds are wild in your country....over here we only see them in pet shops! I had never thought of the damage they could do with their strong beaks!!

melissa said...

its a pity there so destructive ..you dont want them in your fruit trees either.
the picture below is gorgeous .. we dont get those rosellas .
they must be quiet to get so close

Lee-ann said...

O! Alice yes they are so handsome yet the trouble they get into can be devastating for sure.

Our neighbours have two very large gum trees on the road and years ago just a few came in to sleep at night now there are hundreds and they fly around our garden a couple of times before they come in to find the best spots in the trees.

and yes while they are beautiful they love our fruit trees and I am always out there on dusk waiting to chase them back into the sky, they enjoy the plums, apples and pears way tooooooo! much.

the photos is beautiful though!
Have a lovely evening.


Val said...

Trade you my bats for your cockatoos!

Sigrun said...

Wow, thats realy a good boy! Ore is it a girl?


Zoey said...

They sure are a pretty bird. It's a shame they are such pests!

Sonia said...

Wow, they look so adorable!