Thursday, September 22, 2005

5 Things?????

Ms*Robyn tagged me so I will have to crank my brain into gear and give this some thought. Pardon any creaky noises you hear as you read.

5 things I plan to do before I die

1. Finish the garden (finish the garden, finish the garden, finish the garden, finish the .... you get the picture).

2. Use all of my accumulated fabrics (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, - what a joke!)

3. Finish writing my life story before I forget what it was.

4. REALLY tidy my house.

5. Be a better wife, mother, sister and friend.

5 things I can do

1. Propogate plants.

2. Sew clothes for myself, other people, dolls, and grandchildren (hint, hint, ShellyC )

3. Fall asleep watching any movie at anytime.

4. Find beauty in almost every flower, tree, cloud, sunset and every new day.

5. Make Chocolate Pudding.

5 things I can't do and probably never will

1. Swim properly.

2. Listen to or like talk-back radio.

3. Walk past a plant nursery without going in.

4. Squat or kneel to weed the garden (I can, but my knees can't).

5. Become computer literate (this is the second time I've typed all this, having hit the wrong button and deleted it all the first time.)

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. When they talk to me like an equal.

2. Beautiful tenor voices like David Hobson and Russell Watson.

3. When they are wonderful fathers to their children (like my son-in-law).

4. When they treat their sisters well (like my son).

5. When they overlook all my idiosyncrasies (like my husband).

5 things I say most often

1. "Is it time for elevenses yet?" (or quarter to nines, or half past tens, or two o'clocks .... or any time that's perfect for a cuppa).

2. "Oh dear, I'm missing Dr. Phil."

3. "Would you like to cook dinner tonight?" (the answer is always 'No' and he never does).

4. "I just want to check the emails (blogs, actually)."

5. "It's a perfect day!"

5 celebrity crushes (note: these are all past tense, or dead)

1. Peter Finch

2. Harrison Ford

3. Jimmy Stewart

4. Johnny O'Keefe

5. Omar Sharif

5 people I would like to do this

ShellyC - shellsandbeans
Shannon - kirbykids
Calidore - calidoresgardenramblings
Zoey - perennialpassion
Chloe - chloesgarden


ms*robyn said...

you have me laughing at this ! thanks so much - love the 'check emails' (me too) - the kneeling to weed (me too) - same with talk back radio (sends me near insane) and same with the nursery -

Chloe said...

Oh Dear. I am most honoured to be tagged, but you might like to try someone else. I am in horrifc deadlines for the next month (read two months), and am not going to return to normal until about 30 November. By which time my garden is going to be soooooooooooo weedy I will have to start again, and I will probably have missed all my irises. :(

Alice said...

That's quite alright, Chloe. I know that you are very busy; I just hope not too busy to appreciate your irises, though.

Calidore said...

Hmmm - thank you for thinking of me. I shall have to take notes over the next few days so I don't embarrass my self with some of my answers. See I am thinking ahead I guess it is a case of watch this space - or rather watch my space.

PS would you like to garden for me. Mine looks like a disaster zone - see what happens when you go on holidays.