Monday, September 12, 2005

No, not my baby!

Too cold to work in the garden so I've been busy making Baby Born outfits for the fete on Saturday. A couple of dresses with matching pants, and eight pairs of reversible overalls with contrasting tops. Posted by Picasa


Zoey said...

How cute, Alice. I used to make doll clothes, too -- I collected Barbie dolls and I used to buy inexpensive ones just to re-do them. I would make outfits, "perm" and cut the hair into a new style, make accessories, etc. I was in a few internet "swaps" where we did theme dolls. It was so much fun! I finally gave it up about three years ago as I just ran out of space for all those dolls. I have quite a few stored away in their original boxes.

suburbansider said...

Wow that's amazing!All that work! I sometimes wish I had a little girl so I could but things like this.