Thursday, September 08, 2005

But don't sleep too long

Potatoes all bedded down.
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Same for the carrots, beetroot, onions, swedes and radishes.
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Kali said...

Yummm! It's all sounds so delicious. Your garden is really so wonderful ~ i wish my Dad had a pc ~ i'd love for him to see these pics.

ms*robyn said...

your garden is so neat! cant wait to see it when they start to shoot. love this time of year!flv

Zoey said...

I have never seen such a NEAT and TIDY veggie bed!

Alice said...

It can be real pain though. He even rakes the paths and he's not happy if I spill compost, etc. on them. I don't think he could stand the squalor of my flower gardens.

We are very different gardeners. Richard will concentrate on one thing and stick at it until it's finished, no matter how boring the task. I will be tackle six things at once, wandering from one to the other, without ever achieving much. Sometimes I'd like to be more single-minded.

suburbansider said...

they certainly are very neat. I'll have to show my husband. We are just beginners at vege gardening - he does most of the work. I prefer to look after the herbs.

Sandy said...

You two seem to make a great pair!