Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Stroll.

The sky was overcast this morning, and since I had read on someone's blog that garden photos should be taken on a cloudy day rather than a sunny one, I thought I'd take a little stroll around the garden and see what I could find.

Daffodils. I really like the pale ones on the right but I don't remember their name. Posted by Picasa

Mauve lamium, a great little groundcover. Posted by Picasa

Apricot 'Winter Joy' wallflower. Posted by Picasa

The ever-present Osteospermum (African Daisy). They self-sow by the hundreds but they are good value. Posted by Picasa

These stocks have been flowering continuously for more than a year. Posted by Picasa

Shay's tulips, planted in celebration of her birth. You can see why we need to re-sow the lawn.

The much-maligned Centranthus. Posted by Picasa

Bronze Fennel for contrast, and for aniseed flavour, if you like it. Posted by Picasa

I know they are as common as can be but I've forgotten their name. Posted by Picasa


Chloe said...

Tritellia???? for the common (read invasive) little Stars of Bethlehem????

Tanya said...

Lovely flowers. Now the hard-hitting question - how do I put a link in when I'm writing a blog- and give it the name that I want??? I've just been cutting and pasting from other's blogs. I can't believe I'm asking you technological questions.... Thanks.

Alice said...

Thank you, Chloe. I knew that someone would know and most likely it would be you. They certainly can be a pest but they do look sweet in flower.

ms*robyn said...

I don't think they are star of bethlehem...give me a sec & I will look it up.

centranthus? I always thought that was red valerian ... mine was pulled out long ago.

gorgeous garden by the way!!

Alice said...

You're quite right, Robyn, Centranthus/Red Valerian/Kiss Me Quick - they are all one and the same plant/weed/menace, depending on your point of view. I only like it because it's so drought hardy, stays green, rarely stops flowering and doesn't need any looking after except deadheading.

suburbansider said...

I love the "common" ones the most - even if they are a weed, unless people are worried about them getting into bushlands it makes sense to plant something so hardy especially for us who are a bit not so green thumbed. Also I received your 'postcard', which I really love but was unable to send my thankyou via your email so THANKYOU Alice! I was delighted!

Kali said...

I love them all ~ they are all so new and different to me!
Also wanted to let you know that I received your lovely postcard yesterday Alice, and wanted to say a big THANKS!