Monday, September 05, 2005

What a Cover-Up!

That's what I thought of naming my section of the stall at the Markets yesterday. I couldn't believe I actually had 63 aprons there, with another 16 cut out at home. A friend has given me a great idea for a fully-adjustable apron, so now I'll have to make a few more. Whilst I didn't sell many yesterday, there was a lot of interest from customers. I think they are not used to seeing aprons available, but many people commented that they would think about them for gifts and may well start wearing one themselves.

So now I have two more weeks to concentrate on Zoe's school fete (after I've cleaned up the sewing room, a bit). But then I look out of the window and see the sun shining, and the weeds growing, and know where I should be. Oh well, I think I'd always rather have slightly too many things to do than not enough.

Watched one and a half of the three hockey semi-finals yesterday - all with family members playing. Unfortunately, all were lost. Now ShellyC will have more time to sew and garden, and Sara will have more time to pack for her trip to The Netherlands.

Really sorry that I missed Kath's school fete on Saturday.


Peggy said...

Even though I am going into fall here and the flowers are past their peak I sure enjoyed your garden and know where I can go this winter to see a bit of summer blooming!

ms*robyn said...

you sell and make aprons? where?
I love aprons.. 63 is ALOT of must have been sewing at 3am !!

Kali said...

I'm in awe of all those aprons!! Good luck with your Market the name..:)

Alice said...

Robyn - I may well have been sewing aprons some nights at 3.00am, but only because I couldn't sleep. I started making them about 6 weeks ago whilst down at the coast for a few days. A few months ago I started making dolls clothes to sell on ShellyC's market stall but with the resurgance of interest in aprons (just have to wait for that interest to transfer from the internet to the market) I decided to give them a try. Of course, I never know when enough is enough.