Sunday, September 11, 2005

Time to Own Up.

Over recent postings you have seen the 'good' side of the garden. Now I thought I'd show you the 'bad and the ugly' as well.

Known as the 'clothes-line' lawn, this was re-sown 2 years ago. In a matter of a few weeks it went from being a perfect lawn to almost nothing due to hot weather and water restrictions. It's a fairly small lawn so we hope to re-sow it this Spring. Trees on the house wall are espaliered apples and pears. Posted by Picasa

Once it was the back lawn, but due to water shortages and the fact that we no longer need such large areas of grass, it will be re-developed along with the area in the following two photos. Posted by Picasa

The next two photos show the area that's never been developed beyond a couple of futile attempts to grow lawn. This is to be reshaped and planted with trees, shrubs, perennials, etc. Will probably be the subject of much 'animated' discussion between us.Posted by Picasa

(I will explain the dirt heaps in another posting. I'm sure ShellyC will insist on it)Posted by Picasa

Front 'lawn', which we also want to re-sow this Spring. Richard built the brick wall, which became known to friends as "The Great Wall of M...... St." Sometimes we thought it was going to take nearly as long as another famous wall to build, too. Posted by Picasa

Note the Cherry tree only inches from the driveway. Cars come off second-best if you turn too soon (I should know!). Posted by Picasa


Calidore said...

I have to ask, how big is your block of land? I get the impression that it is quite big, either that or you and Richard are very good at fitting lots into a small space. Also how close to the edge of Canberra are you, and were you near the bushfires? Lots of questions I know, but the photos have really fired my imagination and curiosity.

Kali said...

Your block of land looks nice and big...I love all the different areas, nothing boring. Lovely views too.

Shell said...

How massive is your garden? Wow, you really do have one of those gardens that I dream about! Every real gardener has something to be developed don't they? I wouldn't call it the 'bad side' (sounds like 'the dark side' out of starwars), I'd just call it a 'work in progress'. Your vegie patch looks so amazing - puts my jungle plot to shame. So inspiring!

koruptah said...

Wow, Alice you have a beautiful plot of land, just fabulous. I'll be happy if the land scaping at our house is half as beautiful as yours is:)