Monday, September 05, 2005

A Morning Stroll

A beautiful morning with several plants just begging to be photographed.

Plum Blossom

Sugar Snap and Snow Peas flowering, supported by last seasons plum tree prunings, which are shooting too. I doubt that they will produce roots, though.

We call this budding White Lilac 'Luca's Lilac' as it was planted in celebration of his birth two years ago.

Canadian Maple 'October Glory' beginning to flower.


Bok Choy in the flower garden. Deliberately planted there just for its flowers.

A real joy - "Winter Joy" perennial wallflower.

Continuously flowering 'African Daisies'


Amy said...

Alice* I've FINALLY made it over to your site* It's a wonderful place! Your garden photos are Glorious! We're batting down the hatches in my part of the's time winter* See ya soon!

ms*robyn said...

Alice, I love October Glory.. I have one planted on our footpath and when I drive down the road in autumn, the colour is just magnificent. thanks for showing us these gorgeous photos.

suburbansider said...

I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely garden shots. The plum tree is gorgeous!

erikku said...

Lovely pics in this place. They would make nice desktop wallpaper! Keep up the good work. I know results like that don't come easy. ^_^