Friday, September 23, 2005

No Secrets Left.

There will be no secrets left in this family soon. Apart from this blog, Michelle has Shells and Beans , Russell's girlfriend, Shannon, has Kirby Kid , and now Tanya in Townsville has The Purple Giraffe .

At least my siblings will have no excuse for not knowing what's going on in the family now.


Peggy said...

don't you just love it when a family does things together LOL

Tanya said...

You forgot to mention Dad - where is his blog??

I was going to send a long email today, but then thought I'd tell you it all in the blog. Can't remember what I was going to say now...!

Alice said...

Oh, Purple Giraffe, your father can do lots of things but not many of them involve a computer. If he can't/won't send an email, how do you suppose he would tackle a blog? A trait inherited by his son, I'm afraid.