Friday, January 20, 2006

4 Favourites

Zoey had this one on her site today and I thought I'd try it. I may scrap it before I get to the end, in which case you won't be reading this

4 Jobs I have had.
Sewing Mistress at a Primary School.
Working on home dairy farm.
Sales Assistant in G.J.Coles in Melbourne.
Managing English Language testing program.

4 Movies I could watch over and over.
Goodbye Mr Chips.
Shawshank Redemption.
Travelling Birds.

4 Places I have Lived.
On a farm in Gippsland, Victoria.
Caramut - a tiny town in Western Victoria.
Plymouth, Devon (England)
Canberra, ACT.

4 Favourite TV shows.
'To Serve Them All My Days' - English TV Series about 20+ years ago, starring John Duttine
'As Time Goes By' - English Series, starring Judi Dench & Geoffrey Palmer
'Gardening Australia' - Peter Cundall
'A Touch of Frost' - David Jason

4 Places I have been on Vacation.
New Zealand

4 Favourite Foods
Fish (even though it never tastes as good as it did when I was a kid)
Roast lamb and vegetables.
Christmas Pudding.

4 Places I would rather be.
At the coast.
Under a big shady tree in a beautiful garden.
Sitting by a log fire with the rain and wind outside.
Back on the farm with ALL of my family.

4 Sites I visit every day.
All of my LINKS plus some more on my FAVOURITES list.


Flossy said...

I like this idea. I might do it too.

Kerri said...

I like this idea too. It's nice to get to know you better Alice :)

Zoey said...

Thanks for posting this, Alice. It is nice to find out more about our blogging friends.

Sandy said...

I wonder why fish doesn't taste as good now?

Wendy A said...

Alice, I always wanted to grow up on a farm. Lucky you. How nice that would have been. I can see how you would appreciate just resting under a big shade tree in a beautiful garden in this heatwave.

ms*robyn said...

what was Devon like? My grandpa was born there - in a town called East Stonehouse.