Monday, January 02, 2006

Movie Magic

Just like I jinxed Tanya's computer by asking how it was going, I did the same for our morning rain by taking photos of it. 1.5mm (6 points) won't exactly waterlog the garden, will it? At least the weather was a bit cooler and we didn't have those hot drying winds.

After seeing Tanya off at the Airport, we went to a material shop in Queanbeyan and on our way home through Manuka I suggested that, as we had no need to rush home we could go to the movies. So we did - for the second time in three days!!! We hadn't been to the movies for about a year (I can't actually remember the last time) and now we've been twice in three days. Could it be something to do with the cinemas being air-conditioned? We saw 'Narnia' on Saturday and 'Mrs Henderson presents' today, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Dame Judi Dench is just wonderful in this movie.


abe/happy said...

Hee Hee ~ We went today and saw Chicken Little & Jack loved it!

Wendy A said...


Would it scare my 4 yr old? 6yr old. I have been hesitating because of th rating.

susan said...

Glad you got out to the movies, the A/C makes it worth it with the temps in your area!