Friday, January 13, 2006

Where did they go?

Four days at the coast, I mean. True, we didn't arrive until mid-afternoon on Monday, Russ came down Tuesday morning and left Wednesday afternoon, we went shopping Thursday morning and relaxed in the afternoon, and arrived home at 10.30am Friday. Gone, in a flash!!

We had a lovely few days, with beautiful weather - not too hot and a cool breeze. Russ and Richard played golf twice and I walked the course with them the second time. We took several long walks along the beach and river, went swimming on almost deserted beaches twice, had fish'n'chips and salad by the ocean one evening and went to the local Sports Club for dinner on another. Also looked at Real Estate brochures and agonised over whether to buy a beach house or not - still haven't decided, of course.

Big disappointment was that I had loaded all this wonderful music on the iPod, so that I could listen to it at leisure, but by the time we arrived it had switched itself off and I couldn't restart it without a computer. (I think perhaps I had never charged the battery fully and that's why it keeps shutting down. It's plugged in now and hopefully, after a 3-hour charge, it should start behaving itself.)

I didn't take many photos - well I did, but they are all of the same thing, water. But hopefully a few of them will make you feel cooler or warmer, depending where you are.
Father and Son (Richard and Russell)
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Fun on the Tomago River. Posted by Picasa

Into the setting sun. Posted by Picasa

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Historic town of Braidwood. Posted by Picasa

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By the way - Blogger loves me again. My blog has been reviewed and now 'whitelisted' to indicate that it is NOT a spam blog! How nice.


Wendy A said...

Oh Alice, buy a beach house! Life is just too short to not follow a whim.

We are looking at a beach house too. We just keep thinking about the momories we could have.

Great Photos.

Kali said...

"Time flies when you're having fun!".
I love all these photos ~ and the boys looks so relaxed. BTW, I'm with Wendy, bite the bullet!

susan said...

Welcome back! Although I know you would rather be still there. Great pictures, very refreshing. Can feel the fresh air in the breeze. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!

If you are looking for advice on the second home, my husband would say NO - his folks used to have one and all he remembers about it is working on it, according to him, one house is enough to keep up. Spend your money on the occasional hotel bill. If you weren't looking for advice, please disregard this!

judypatooote said...

All I can say is if affordable then do it, life is too short....Jim and I always talked about moving, and that someday we would move to a lake, and I could make crafts to sell, and (NOW DON'T LAUGH) he wanted to sell veggies on the side of the road.... and we could fish and antique....but never got the chance. So I say go for it......

judypatooote said...

By the way, it sounds like a very relaxing vacation.....glad your back to blogland.....

shellyC said...

So GLAD there are more people out there telling you to BUY a beach house!!!!!

I have been telling you for years!!!

Flossy said...

Glad to have you back! Sounds like you had such a lovely time.

My 2 cents worth now...if you are going to use a holiday home regularly, then GO FOR IT!! Like the other's said, life's too short, you should live your dreams :)

Garden Obsession said...

Gawd, I miss Australia! Buy a beach house so I can come live there. I promise to vacate when you want a weekend away... I'll just head back up to Hamilton Island and snorkel the days away (and eat more of the best fish and chips I've EVER had). *sigh*

Alice said...

Heather - you're on! If we could gain an income from the investment and yet still be able to use the house at reasonable intervals, much of our dilemma would be solved.

jellyhead said...

Thanks for the photos - I especially love just the water/beach shots...relaxing just to look at!
And yes, if it's within your means, GO THE BEACH HOUSE!!

Seeing Anew said...

These photos were a sight for sore eyes! They make me want to smell the salt air and feel the sea mist on my skin again. Sigh.... Thanks for sharing.

SueeeuS said...

Beautiful! Welcome back!

Motherkitty said...

Hi, Alice. Sounds as if you and your family had a nice, although short, vacation. Looks lovely and relaxing. My advice is try not to listen to anyone else -- just follow your heart and buy the beach house if that's what you want to do. Everything we do in life has its good and bad sides to it. You might get a lot of friends/family visiting that you might not otherwise have, but wouldn't that be fun?

Great pictures. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Tanya said...

Well now. The beach house issue rears it's (not so) ugly head again. But this time, you're both retired. You can spend months there: you don't just have to go down a week at a time. And Christmases at the beach with all the family - how great would that be. When it's cold in Canberra it will be a bit warmer at the coast. And when it's stupidly hot in Canberra, it will be cooler at the beach. Well, you know what I think about it, anyway. I will personally make a quilt for every room in the house if you buy one!

Sandy said...

Ohhh Alice, your pictures are just what I needed. Bummer about your ipod. For what it's worth...I say buy the beach house. Life is short!!

OldRoses said...

Love the rocks! What are they made of? I have to confess comlete ignorance of the geology of Australia.