Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Thoughts

In the past week we've wished family and friends near and far good wishes for both Christmas and the New Year. Greeting cards tend to put the two together as though they are just a couple of special days in the whole 365 days of the year. We prepare for and celebrate Christmas in whatever way is important to each of us and by December 26 it's already fading into the past.

The new year is another matter. While your New Year's Eve celebrations may be fading (or you hope that headache soon will), you now have a whole year stretching before you like an open book at the beginning of a school year. Remember getting new books, all clean pages, just waiting to be written on? Just like our new year, with opportunities to do or experience so many new things or continue and expand on things begun previously. Will it be a new job, home, location, hobby, family or friends?

Do you start the year with good intentions but soon start slipping back into 'old' habits and feel discouraged? Remember that EVERY new day brings new opportunities, not just January 1. If your good intentions are slipping by January 15, you can always start again on January 16.
Marlene has written a very inspiring piece about not aiming so high that we become discouraged, but to start each project with a small step, which will lead on to the next step, and so on until its completion.

I wish each and every one of you success and happiness in whatever you undertake this year, and hope that at the end of the year you will feel a sense of having lived your life to the full.


jellyhead said...

I like the idea of one small step at a time to achieve a goal. Makes me feel like the world is full of possibilities!

Happy New Year, Alice! May it be a rich and satisfying year for you and your family.

Sandy said...

Happy New Year Alice! I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings for you. I love coming to your blog for a visit and you know you are always welcome over at mine. Cheers!

ms*robyn said...

seems everyone is steering away from new years resolutions !
thanks for the link !
hope it is not too hot today. here it is blowing an absolute hot gale temps must be around 42 already.

Calidore said...

Dear Alice and Richard,

Do have a wonderful New Year full of all that you could wish for and some more.



Wendy A said...

Happy New Years Alice,

Just one resolution for me this year. I will remember that each day may be my last. Perspectives are so important.

Kerri said...

I sure do remember those new exercise books I loved them! So clean, pure and inviting.
There is much wisdom in your thoughts. A very Happy New Year to you too!