Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thank You!

Thank you one and all for your greetings and good wishes for my birthday. I sincerely appreciated every one. Do you know what is amazing? This time last year I didn't know any of you, except ShellyC and Tanya, of course. Yet now I can't believe that there was a time when I didn't 'contact' you on a daily basis. Blogging has certainly become an enjoyable part of my day.

Now that I've confused several ladies by revealing my real name - relax, I'm still quite happily 'Alice' here.

Someone asked if I still like scones. Yes, I do, but not the ones I make on rare occasions; they are never as good as the ones Mum could whip up with her eyes closed almost.

Perhaps my birth story may have stirred some of you to consider writing down some of your own stories? If so, that would make my birthday even more special as I'm a bit passionate about family histories (can you be a 'bit' passionate about something?). Of course, the older we get, the more history we have, so the sooner we start, the better.


Kali said...

It sure is a lovely little community we are a part of Alice. Your story was wonderful and it's stories such as these that I could listen to for hours...actually it was one of the best part of my career at the National Archives...spending time with the people who were using the records, sharing their stories, and helping them find that piece that meant something to them within all those old files.
Oh by the way...the scone part was just so adorable :)

Chloe said...

Rats - running late to wish you a Happy New Year, running late to wish you a Happy Birthday! But you know I mean it anyway.

And I am putting aside some blue-green Ixia for you!

Wendy A said...

I was actually thinking how interesting it would be to write a bit about my family history on my blog. Your was facinating.

judypatooote said...

Alice; You know i'm all about memories.....old ones, and we are all making new memories as we go....I tell my kids and anyone that will listen, to write down some of those important facts....and memories....I never really appreciated the old stories until I was older, and then it was too late....While going through some of my moms things after she died, I found little notes that she wrote down, when I would tell her something that one of the grandkids said, or did... it is really neat that I can read your girls blogs, and you can read lori' sort of connect us as have a good day my friend.....and enjoy your flowers...

ken said...

Firstly, a belated happy birthday, Frances.
I particularly liked the recent entry on the heat. My god -that would be my personal idea of hell. Makes me appreciate warm winters and cool summers in the UK all the more.
All the best.

melissa said...

Yeah, it's me slipping in the door a bit late. Glad your birthday was a good one. You're always so upbeat and bring smiles to our faces. So happy you're doing well!

Marlene Depler said...

Thanks for sharing the story of your birth on your birthday! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I always enjoy checking your blog and catching up on your entries---even though I don't always take the time to comment. And thanks for your kind words on my New Year's post.

ms*robyn said...

Hi Alice - I am having withdrawals already !!! doing last minute stuff while checking my emails and other blogs constantly.
The ship is called the Statendam - owned by Holland American Line. Quite impressive !
I am sure if you go to the coast across from Canberra,with binoculars and very good eyesight. You may just get a glimpse as we sail past sometime tonight haha

Flossy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You'll be pleased to know that my roses survived the hailstorm just fine (checked them last night with the torch!). I haven't had a chance to check the rest of the gardens as it's raining this morning.

Kerri said...

Hello Alice...from upstate New York. I found your blog via Kathy's blog (Cold Climate Gardening), via my daughter's blog, when I searched for gardening blogs. The location in your comment caught my eye because I am a transplanted Aussie. Have been here since 71. Happy belated birthday! I loved your birth story and other postings(my scones are never light and fluffy...just can't do it!) and especially enjoyed the pics of your family. Brought back memories of those hot Christmases in Aussie. I lived at Palm Beach, north of Sydney...a lovely place.
Our temperature here tonight (Friday) is 17F (-8C). You sure had it HOT for Christmas. Good grief! You are a trooper to cook a turkey in that heat!
My mum was an avid gardener and I, like her, want to grow everything. We have lots of gardens on our dairy farm but no dairy cows anymore, since 2001.
I'm sure I'll enjoy reading your blog from now on. I was in Canberra once, a very long time ago. It's a pretty place.
Happy to meet you!
Kerri, in West Edmeston, NY
(I don't have a blog but my e-mail is kerrispoon@netzero. net if you want to reply to my comment. If there's a way to leave a link I don't know it! Sorry)