Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CLOUDS ..... from Constable to Canberra.

This morning we visited the exhibition at the National Gallery of paintings by the famous English landscape artist, John Constable. Clouds were such an integral part of Constable's wonderful paintings, and the sky over Canberra today would have had him painting overtime. A short drive to the top of Mt. Ainslie provided some more interesting views of the National Capital. (Don't forget to click for larger view.)

Canberra's most prominent landmark - Black Mountain Tower.

View over city centre and Lake Burley Griffin with Brindabella Ranges in the background. Commonwealth Avenue Bridge spanning the lake.

View over Fyshwick and the airport.

View over the top of the War Memorial, down Anzac Avenue and across the lake to Parliament House. Posted by Picasa

North Canberra

View to the north over Yowani Golf Course, Hockey Fields, Southwell Park and Rugby Park. These few green areas really emphasise the dryness of all the other parts of Canberra and its surrounds. The highway in the distance (just right of centre) is the Federal Highway leading to Sydney. It will join the Hume Highway just south of Goulburn.Posted by Picasa


Sigrun said...

I love your photos, Alice! I would like to come to Australia, but I can not, because of my health.


susan said...

What a beautiful day! The air looks crisp and cool there.

Erica said...

we must be on the same wavelength Alice, I just finished posting some clouds on my blog and came here to find you've been cloudwatching too :) lovely views of Canberra

Kali said...

I've been to Canberra twice, and would love to go again for a better look...Your photos are wonderful.

We've been having very clear and cold days down here.

jellyhead said...

I know I was supposed to be looking at the clouds, but I kept thinking...gee, it's getting brown. We have the same problem where we are...we need rain!!
Those clouds don't look too promising for rain, but they are pretty.

Hope you're having a good week, Alice :)

Tammy said...

Thanks for the birds eye view...I loved it!!

Daisy Lupin said...

I love your photos of the clouds over Canberra. I love watching clouds and my daughter has a friend who is bedazzled by clouds and is always photographing them. I have a couple of lovely cloud photos in my journal, ones where the sun is just tinting the edges of the clouds. You commented on my blog about how you grew up with English books, and how when in England village looked just liked fairytale ones, and I know what you mean, but you in Australia have wonderful stories, myths and legends too. Love Daisy Lupin

PEA said...

Beautiful pictures as always...when I saw the clouds it reminded me of when I was a little girl and would lay down on my back in the grass and look up at the clouds and see what animals I could make out from them:-) Love the scenery shots you took, very lovely!!

Kerri said...

The skies are much bluer than when you were up there last time Alice. Lovely cloud pictures! It really is a gorgeous view from up there.
I do wish we could share some of our overabundance of rain with you!
Love those gum trees!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

How lucky to have the opportunity to see Constable's paintings. Stunning sky-scapes you show Alice.
The part of England that Constable did most of his painting is famous for its magnificent (big) skies. Marion

Val said...

I think it's interesting when looking at your photos to reflect on the relatively low impact our national capital has on the environment. Low buildings, open space everywhere, and the whole in the middle of a rural aspect.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I love skys. Your photos are great.

Marlene Depler said...

Wonderful panoramic photos! Since I won't be visiting Canberra anytime soon, it is nice to see the beauty of your area.