Friday, June 23, 2006


No sunset photos tonight because there wasn't one. Well, I'm sure the sun did set because it's dark outside, but it is RAINING.

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago after we had been to see the Constable exhibition. We were on our way to Mt Ainslie to take photos of the clouds but did a slight detour to photograph the black swans on Lake Burley Griffin.

Kings Avenue Bridge with Mt Ainslie behind. Posted by Picasa


Jude said...

It's raining here too. Wonderful! Looks as though it's set in for a few days. So convenient for all the gardeners - coming immediately after the ban on using hoses.

PEA said...

I've always been fascinated with black swans because where I live we only ever see white swans! Beautiful pictures!!

Lee-ann said...

Alice again your photos are wonderful.

I thought you may like a little bit of info from my families side of things.

Your photo of lake burley griffin reminds me of the story my mother in law often tells, she is almost 90...... anyway she was born in canberra and her mother and father are in the oldest church cementary in canberra. It is on the wide road going to the war memorial.

But she often tells us she would ride her horse on the very spot were the lake now is, almost every day of her younger years and her mother and father and her lived in a tent camp at duntroon.

Her mother lived there all her life until her death and her father died when her mother was still in her 20s

She was in the crowd when the old parlament was openned and she was taken for a ride in a plane over canberra by kingford smith!

anyway hope you do not mind me chatting on about all this but your photos triggered the memory.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

The black swans remind me of the beautiful story of the ugly duckling. I am going to send you that program I promised on Monday morning. I have always adores photographs with cloud formations in them... the bluer the sky and whiter the clouds, the better. The photos with the rain clouds in them are nice too... it's funny, but for some reason I always have a vision of Canberra being plain, buthow wrong am I. Have a lovely weekend Alice xox.

HORIZON said...

I've never seen a black swan before- that is until now.
Thank you for that Alice- so many of them too!

kaliblue said...

Very nice pics:-). I wish we would get some rain. It has been weeks for us. All around me in surrounding Counties has gotten it though.
Have a great day !!

Val said...

I can report rain in Melbourne too! How times/climate have changed when that can be cause for jubilation.

Sigrun said...

Lovely photos. Alice. Such a lot of swans.


Meow said...

Alice, I never really realised how pretty it is around Canberra. I have only actually visited there a few times in my life, and thought it was nice at the time. YOur photos are just beautiful, you capture the essence just wonderfully.
Apologies for my song on my blog bugging you ... you can actually turn it off, without having to turn off the speakers. Just under my Meow cat on my side bar, there are the control buttons ... just press the square stop button and it will turn off !!
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Kerri said...

Yah rain! I hope you get plenty. We're having lovely sunshine today (showers yesterday afternoon).
The black swans are so beautiful. We don't have them over here but I've seen one occasionally in a zoo.
Lovely clouds and sky!
I enjoyed reading lee-ann's story. A little slice of the past. Canberra is a beautiful place.