Thursday, June 22, 2006


There were some wonderful clouds in the sky as I was driving home from shopping today. But by the time I'd put the shopping away and walked to the top of the hill behind our house, most of the best clouds had dispersed. Never one to miss a photo opportunity however, this series of photos was taken from the top of Mt Rodgers, one of the highest peaks in the ACT. You can see how dry the countryside is still.

(Please click on photos for more detailed view.)

Looking to the north with the village of Hall hidden in the trees.

The suburbs and town centre of Gungahlin.

Belconnen suburbs to Mt Ainslie.

Light towers of the Australian Institute of Sport in the distance.

Belconnen Town Centre, Lake Ginninderra and Black Mountain.

The houses in the foreground are where I usually walk. You may be able to see the pathway at the foot of the hill.

View to the west and Brindabella Ranges.

Another view of Belconnen Town Centre.

Some random shots on the way home.

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MY VIEWS said...

just loved it.....good job

susan said...

Love the clouds, especially the last one! You always take great photos, and live in a beautiful area for photo ops!

Like I asked jellyhead - are YOU invited to the wedding? The one that is all the news here in the US - the Australian wedding of Kidman/Urban! If you are, get some pictures!

HORIZON said...

Don't you just wish those clouds would squeeze a drop or two of rain???
Lovely photos Alice. What an expanse of country.

Sigrun said...

Alice, it is always interesting, to see your photos. Mr. Wonderful likes to see them also.


PEA said...

I've always loved areas where you can walk up to higher ground and take pictures of the scenic view below...beautiful pictures Alice as always and how I'd love to be walking with you to enjoy such scenery! Hope you get some rain soon, I could see from the pictures how very dry it is over there.

Motherkitty said...

You live in such an interesting part of the world. Thanks for sharing your views with us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sue said...

Your photos are always great!
Thanks for sharing..
(I especially love the last one of the clouds)

Cookie said...

You certainly are the queen of sunsets and panoramas....Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the Australian landscape with us.

Janet said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Alice. I do believe I'll be checking in here to get a window on the other side of the world.

starnitesky said...

Hello Alice, I have just found your blog, I love your photos, you certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. I look forward to seeing more.

jellyhead said...

The last shot is my favourite - fabulous, fascinating clouds!

Wendy A said...

Good bye to the longest day of the year down here in the uninulated south.
The pics are lovely. I love the clouds here. You live in a lovely place.

Kerri said...

You have such a nice route to take for your walks. Wish I could walk with you!
Fabulous cloud photos, especially the last. Beautiful panoramas!
I like that cloud site you sent the link for!! Thanks.