Saturday, June 03, 2006

The First One

The first bed in the new and (maybe) final area of the garden development has been planted with Camelias Hiryu (deep pink) and Star on Star (white overlaid in pale pink), and two varieties of blueberry between. Couldn't waste that spare space in front, could I? Five dozen primulas and 2 dozen dwarf stocks completed the planting quite nicely.

Richard filled the garden bed with good soil and loads of compost, and you never saw anybody so excited about all the worms in there today.

Even the stakes are colour coordinated.

Garden bed edged with yet another 'temporarily permanent' brick wall.

Retaining wall at the back is permanent, however.

Camelia Hiryu.

Camelia Star on Star. Posted by Picasa

It's been a busy day altogether, with the planting of 70 tulips, 3 punnets of pansies, plus ixias, sparaxsis and daffodils (from a valued friend).


PEA said...

Who said gardening was easy lol It is a lot of work but oh so worth it when everything is in bloom! I love the way you've got it all set up and you must take more pictures once the flowers are all in bloom! Hopefully you can have a relaxing day today:-)

Flossy said...

Wow! Alice your place is going to look absolutely gorgeous when all is blooming!
A fantastic job :)

Motherkitty said...

Your yard looks so beautiful. Aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful husband. You two are so talented and I wish my yard and house looked as gorgeous as yours. Good job!

Sigrun said...

Alice, wonderful! You have so much place to plant!


snappy said...

its going to be beautifull Alice, all the hard work will pay off in the end.I love seeing earthworms when i dig the soil, natures own engeneers!Make sure you sit back and enjoy the flowers when they have grown.

Greenhouse Girl said...

You’re garden is going to look gorgeous … I’m sure all that hard work is going to pay off, remember
‘Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration’
[Lou Erickson]

Sandy said...

I sure wish my hubbie was as keen as yours! Looks great!

Wendy A said...

I am with Sandy on the keen hubby of yours. It is going to look great when all the plants fill in.

Kerri said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think Richard was a farm boy Alice. He sure works like a farmer. That's a lot of work you two accomplished in one day. It's going to be beautiful when all the plants have grown and are in bloom. Well done. You'll need to go to the coast again if you keep working this hard!