Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Afternoon Skies

.... I originally loaded 7 photos but they eventually 'dropped out', and now I'm so cranky that I've only put 4 back. Any bets on how long they'll last?


Kerri said...

I'm sorry you're having picture problems again. Did you try deleting them and reloading through the edit posts page? That worked for me. Also try downsizing them.
But I'd recommend a nice cup of tea and a walk in the garden first, to help get rid of the frustration :) xox

HORIZON said...

I second Kerri ;) about the tea and walk that is.
Glad to hear that things will soon start to cool down a bit- we hope.

Val said...

Bad news, Alice: I am only seeing 4 tiny rectangles, empty! You never had this much trouble BEFORE new blogger, right?

Alice said...

Kerri - I tried loading them both ways, through Picasa and through Blogger. They stay for a while and then disappear.

Val - you're right. Blogger is fast becoming a bugger**##!! BTW, do I have to change my template in order to access the new fonts/colours, etc? I know I can do that on my earlier 'practice blog' but those things don't seem to be available on my old template.

Kerri said...

Yes Alice, you do have to update your template to use the new features. But you can keep the same template.
Copy your template before you make the change...just to be on the safe side. You'll need to replace anything you've added to the your flickr badge and the Green Thumb Sunday badge (I think).
You'll need to copy the html code for those 2 things and paste it back into the sidebar of the new (old) template. The appropriate place to paste them has "javascript" in the title of the button, but I can't remember exactly what else. E-mail me with any questions. I'll help if I can.
Good luck!
Just think what lessons in patience Blogger is teaching us!

Kerri said...

Yah! Your photos are back! And they're beautiful! Good work!

roybe said...

Was there some rain in those clouds Alice?, some days we get really grey skies and in the past you would have said for sure it's going to rain, but quite often nothing, fortunately the last few weeks we've had some decent showers.