Sunday, February 11, 2007

Storm Clouds over Black Mountain

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Carol said...

Looks wicked!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh oh, that's a storm alright. Mother nature need to let out the steam ;-)

I can feel the smell that comes just before the storm.

Now, I would prefer that to this snow and ice we have over here now....

meggie said...

What a really great picture- & so welcome over here!

jellyhead said...

That cloud looks very ominous! Hope you got some rain in the end.

Lee-ann said...

Oo! is that rain you lucky thing!!! your roses will love that.

truly a fantastic photo and just captures the true feel of the moments before it hits.

enjoy your day.

HORIZON said...

That sky looks ominous- good pic!
l've done enough catching up in blogland for today- am off now to repot some seedlings.
Keep well dear friend x

Kerri said...

I hope you got some rain out of those black clouds Alice! What a pretty pale orange glow in the sky.
Are they fruit trees in rows on the left?
We're going to have a frigid day tomorrow...straight out of the arctic, and then more snow for the next several days.
I said I thought I could probably stand 3 months of winter snow and ice (rather than the usual 6 months), and that's about what this winter will amount to after the warm I'd better not complain. Still....we were this is hard to take. Soak up some sunshine for me please! xox

Michael Manning said...

Very nice and reminiscent of the road trip I took to visit some friends in Colorado. I was ready to book a flight when they said "No, don't miss the drive". I was grateful for that suggestion as the Rattan Pass produced a cloud like this one. Thanks for helping me remember!

Merle said...

Hi Alice ~~ Great photo and I hope you got some good rain out of that cloud. It is awful in Victoria at present in most places. Everyone is on water restrictions.
Thank you for your visit, I am glad you and Richard enjoyed those strange
words in the English Sayings. It was
not easy typing them as they were so
unfamiliar. You did well. Take care,
Love, Merle.

judypatooote said...

Great picture, and a pretty spooky one....acually it looks wicked....

Meow said...

Hey Alice, what a stunning photo. Looks like the cloud is reading down to pick up the tower. Hope you got some rain out of it.
Take care, Meow