Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Last Day of Summer ......

...... but hopefully not "The Last Rose of Summer" (Robbie Burns).

I'm sure most Australian gardeners are relieved to have reached this day,
and hoping for less heat and more rain in the next few weeks.
Admittedly, here in Canberra the weather throughout February
has been quite bearable with temperatures mostly in the low 30ºs.
Some suburbs have had good rains, but alas, it's often fallen as hail and storms,
resulting in substantial damage to buildings and gardens.

So, on the eve of Autumn, here's hoping for more substantial
but gentle rains soon.

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a beautiful rose.

It's funny to read that you are going into autumn while over here (Holland) we are longing for Spring. It's been raining almost non stop for five days now. Is it allright if I sent some rain to you?

Kerri said...

It warms my heart to see such a beautiful rose Alice. Thank you.
I do hope you get some gentle, soaking rains during Autumn.
Our Spring officially begins on March 21st, but we usually don't have much warm weather before April. And often April has plenty of cold weather too.
At least we can begin planting a few vegetable in April.

meggie said...

I love yellow roses, they are my favourites. We had a beautiful one in NZ, & it's perfume was just heaven.
I hope you didnt have damage from yesterday's storms.