Tuesday, February 20, 2007


.... my big girl and her little girl.
Have a very happy birthday today, Shelle.
I hope it's the beginning of a wonderful year for you.
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Thank you, Shay, for being the delightful little grandaughter
that you are.
Six years old yesterday.
I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends on Wednesday.

Today would also have been my mother's 95th birthday.

This photo was taken on Shelle's first birthday,

as they celebrated together.

(Photo L to R - my Father holding Shelle, me, Richard's mother and Mum)

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meggie said...

I have just been leaving Birthday greetings for this beautiful Shay, & also Shelly C- the penny has now dropped!
Congratulations on beautiful people!

Kerri said...

A very happy birthday to your big girl and her little girl! What beautiful pictures Alice, of 2 very photogenic girls!
I love that old photo too. Your Tanya is the image of you! And you look like your mum. It's a lovely photo of you. So nice to look back :)

Kerri said...

Me again. I'd forgotten that Shelle and Andrew have the same birthday! He'll be 33 tomorrow (Feb. 20th).

Val said...

Very lovely ladies indeed. Happy Birthday!

emmie johnson said...

Hi! Happy Birthday to both the beautiful young ladies. The little one is too cute. Wish them loads of luck and happiness.
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Kali said...

Dear Alice ~ Happy birthay to both your lovely girls...they're both cuties.

So are you in the last photo. I think it's a beauty...I adore old family photos.

How special that your Mum and Shelle were born on the same date, and Shay just a day earlier. (:

jellyhead said...

You must be so proud of both your 'girls'.

I love the photos, especially the last one with a baby Shelly and young mum Alice. Thanks for showing us these family happy snaps!

judypatooote said...

Now these pictures I can see....and your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful....Happy birthday to both.....

Snow Angel said...

What a special event. Thanks for sharing it with us. (warm and fuzzy)