Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy (well, happier) 2nd Blog Anniversary

A couple of days ago I didn't think I would reach this milestone, however things seem to be running much more smoothly (not perfectly yet, but much improved), so I'm still here.
To celebrate I gave myself some roses. Actually, I left them in the garden as they'll last much longer out there than in a vase in my house, and I'm content with a photo.


Stuart said...

Congratulations on your 2nd birthday Alice. Great milestone for an Aussie garden blogger.

I'm glad Kerri has had a stern word with you already and has gotten you off the Pity Chair. Where would we be with a Grower's Delight?

If you ever get too sick of Blogger you could always transfer over to another free blog platform like Wordpress. Maybe an option for another day!

Enjoy your roses - they look fantastic.

Shell said...

Happy anniversary! Wow, 2 years huh? What an achievement - it's been a pleasure to watch your garden grow. :)

Annie in Austin said...

Congratulations, Alice! Two years adds up to an awful lot of words and photos, and you've kept your standards high. If I get discouraged this will be a place to come for realignment!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Calidore said...

Gosh is it really two years???? Happy Blogging Birthday Dear Alice - my day isn't complete unless I visit at least once....grin. I hope the next twelve months are as wonderful as the last two.

Carol said...

Happy second Blogiversary dear Alice! Your roses are just wonderful! xox

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Happy 2nd blog Anniversary Frances. You have written many words during these two years and how eloquently you write too. I’m pleased to see that you haven’t given up.

My blog was a year old at Christmas and you were one of the very first to comment, I well remember the thrill to discover you had written something. Marion

RUTH said...

What a special day for me to find your blog...Happy Blogaversary. Lovely roses; very like the flower carpet ones we have here in the UK.

Wendy A said...

Happy Birthday Alice. Lovely flowers here!

jellyhead said...

Happy 2 years blogging! Your blog is always a wonderful, colourful, happy place to visit.


Susie said...

Happy 2nd anniversary of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Happy Anniversary my friend. Those roses sure are gorgeous. My rose garden will be tended to in the cool of the evening tonight... as the heat is too unbearable for me to venture out in the daylight hours. I think I will have to do some pruning as my quantity of flowers is'nt as good as it could be.
Lots of love, Nicole xox.

Meow said...

Happy 2nd Blogaversary, Alice. That's quite an achievement.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow

Val said...

Congrats, Alice! I can't imagine you staying too long on your Pity Chair, as Stu called it.

Kerri said...

A very happy 2nd blog anniversary dear friend.
Having roses with so many beautiful blooms is certainly something to celebrate. I hope they have lovely scents too.
Thanks for all your inspiring and cheery posts Alice, and all those beautiful photos you share with us. I'm looking forward to another interesting year of sharing our far corners of the earth.

Lee-ann said...

Dear Frances, I am so very pleased to be wishing you a lovely second blogger birthday today,

I would miss your blog page very much! should you have decided to vanish as it was your blog that I read and loved that very first time I entered this wonderful world.

Sure I understand the horrors and those moments that make bloggers go "enough is enough!" but think of all your blogger friends who just adore your posts like me for one.

I would never like to have to take you of my favourites list! :o)

Roll on your third year of wonderful photos for us to admire.

Your friend Lee-ann

Gotta Garden said...

Let me add mine, too! Two years! Congrats! The roses look so nice right now when I'm looking out at snow.