Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New problem (ha,ha)

I've just deleted all the 'blank' photos, and now everything seems to have relocated back to its original place, thankfully.
Can anyone tell me why my blog template has decided to 'drop its bundle' so to speak? I notice that in the January '07 postings there is a narrow white line to the right of the postings. This has now widened in the February postings to such an extent that all my Links, etc. now appear under the posts, at the bottom of the page.

Does anyone know how I can get rid of this line, will it get worse ... lol, or should I just wait (and wait) and hope it goes away?

I'm sure there must be someone out there with an answer, or maybe even a good guess would help!

Now I notice that the extra white 'line' has disappeared but things are still out of place. "Curiouser, and curiouser" as a well-known rabbit would say.


susan said...

Hi Alice! My blog did that once when I had a picture that was too wide, it seemed to go over the margin, and everything in the next column was pushed to the bottom.

It is always something with this Blogger, isn't it! Oh well, as they say, you get what you pay for!

Hope you are enjoying good weather down there!

Val said...

Yes, that happened to me on a photo blog I had - I tried to put in one of those nifty clocks in the sidebar, but that forced everything else in the column to the bottom of the page under the posts. It is a worry that this problem has happened to you only now, after the switch to the new blogger.

Kerri said...

Your template still looks to be back to normal to me Alice. The links are at the top where they always were (I think).
I see you've changed the photo and somehow miraculously added Richard. How clever! ;)
Are we going to get to see the pictures of Guerilla Bay?
We're having a very blustery day here.....and the wind is still frigid!!! Brrrrrr.

meggie said...

Alice, it is no good asking me! I have been having teething troubles with my blog- lost all my links, now I find only half of them work, after I have added them. I got wonderful help from Debbi, of Dubi Quilts, but I am still a bit mystified.
Good luck!

DellaB said...

Hi Alice... seeing the answer, without seeing the problem, I would suspect that it was the width/ or size of the photos that would cause the problem you describe - as others have already suggested.

It's not an uncommon problem, but it can be tricky to find and fix, usually it's one particular photo, and if you've loaded a few at a time - which one is it?

One answer is to find out exactly what width photo your template can take without needing to stretch, and making sure all your photos are within that width before you load them.

If not, can you specify a width/size or maximum when uploading?

It's all good learning though, isn't it...


Val said...

Oh, yes, forgot to comment on the fact that you've included hubby in with your profile! Will he be writing some of the posts?

Kali said...

I am having a problem with a white border around my whole blog, which I can't seem to widen or remove.
Your problem looks fixed?