Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guerilla Bay

Guerilla Bay is a tiny beachside town on the south coast of New South Wales. My grandchildren love to explore the rock pools, and now that they've learned to snorkel, the area has even more delights for them. It was a very overcast day when we were there last week, but the cliffs were quite interesting for someone who just happened to have a camera with them.


Tanya said...

Am having trouble viewing the pictures, but I'm sure they're wonderful. Hope you had a great time.

p.s. I STILL have you're b'day present here - I will post it sometime...

Alice said...

Stupid, bloody Blogger! Photos were there this afternoon (after having to load them twice) and now they've 'dropped out' again. I'm getting seriously fed up with this new program.

meggie said...

Yes, ditto the new program. It is so frustrating to have to sign in all the time, & do the word verif over & over again- often because it wasnt shown in the first place!
Never managed to get more than 4 pics up.
Good luck.

Kerri said...

No solutions for Picasa uploading from me, I'm afraid. Maybe they're working on the problem!!!!! We can only hope!
I had success loading photos right from the Blogger compose window but I have to load them one at a time.
Does anyone know why they did away with Bloggerbot? I sure do miss it.
Hope you soon manage to get your photos posted one way or another. I'll look forward to them. Don't give up! xo