Sunday, February 04, 2007

KERRI - so far, so good! .....

.... and as a token of my gratitude, may I present you with one dead seahorse.

Yes, folks, after a personal phone call from The White House, USA - (it's true - Kerri DOES live in a white house) - I was badgered, cajoled, encouraged, and in no uncertain terms told to pick myself up off the floor, get back to the computer, and stop being an idiot (or words and thoughts to that effect .... lol).

So, following Kerri's detailed instructions (they need to be for me) I have uploaded a photo of this brilliant, though dead, specimen - and I hope it stays there. Yes, Kerri, it was very easy, even for me.

Thank you also to other bloggers for your nice comments and words of advice and encouragment. It means a lot.



jellyhead said...


I'm so glad you're still here.

And the seahorse is a rare find (and photo) - I reckon it has got to be a good luck omen!

Kerri said...

Oh Alice, you shouldn't have! It', very nice...thank you.
Seriously, it really is a wonderful find, and such pretty colours.
I'm so glad you managed to get it on your blog. I knew you could do it!!
Repeat after me....I am woman...hear me roar!....or something.
And I never called you an idiot...honest folks!
Now I feel very in this white house.
Thank you for pointing that out Alice :)

shellyC said...

Well at least I know I can ring you if I have problems - until Mr Technology gets home anyway. But I wont change just yet - I am not in the mood!!!

Tanya said...

The marine biologist in me is coming out to say that that looks like a leafy sea dragon. And they are rare. I spent every dive in Wollongong looking for them and never saw one. Dead or alive, that's a lucky find.

Glad you didn't quit the blog world completely.

meggie said...

O Alice I am so glad to see you still here!! I sent you a comment, but I see it never registered- after I was assuring you, if you persevered you could make it! LOL.

Lovely to see you are still here, you are one of my bright spots!

DellaB said...

oh, sorry, I missed this while it was happening - I am SO glad you decided to stay, and HAPPY 2ND BLOG BIRTHDAY, sorry I am late.

The roses are amazing - I am happy with a photo of them too! thankyou


Gotta Garden said...

Hello! What beautiful pictures you have! I don't think I've ever seen a real seahorse before! Fascinating!

I'm glad you're back to would be a shame to miss your pictures