Sunday, April 17, 2005

Compatible Colours

Calidore referred to Monet's garden and how the flower colours related to the position of the garden beds. I hadn't given it much thought until now but seemed to have sometimes done the right thing by accident. She mentioned about having the bright colours in full sun to reflect the light - the bed along the footpath has a variety of brightly coloured gazanias and yellow daisy bushes; whilst the cooler colours radiate light - this has been achieved with white Iceberg roses, pink and white cosmos (in the summer) and blue salvia in a garden on the south side of the garage. In the evening, the roses in particular, seem to glow in the fading light.

The Big Garden (for want of a better name), which is also in full sun all day, is mainly a collection of trees, shrubs, perrenials and groundcovers chosen more for their shape and leaf colour and how they contrast with or compliment their neighbour. The colours are mostly in silver, gold, burgundy and greens with blue accents from the delphiniums and salvias.

I sometimes think it would be much easier if someone would just choose the plants and tell me where to plant them. On second thoughts, how boring would that be? No challenge at all, and it certainly wouldn't feel like it was my garden.

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Srikar said...

I wish I would have been there, they would have made some awesome photos. . .