Friday, April 22, 2005

TV Weather Presenters

Are my husband and I the only people who get irritated by TV Weather Presenters? The impression they give is that the only good weather is warm, dry and sunny. If there are showers or rain forecast "that should clear away quickly" they say with a smile. Most of the country is still drought stricken and many people, especially in rural areas must feel highly incensed by this thoughtless attitude. I know that TV stations don't want doom and gloom presenters, but surely a little more consideration could be given to those who depend on rain for their very livelihood. In fact, we all do.


shellyC said...

You tell'em Alice!! I agree with you!! i am hanging out for 3 days of rainy weather, so I wouldn't feel bad about staying indoors!!

Devz said...

I think they 'present' the weather, or moreso are told to say what runs up on auto-queue. They havent yet obtained the ability to control the weather thus, if its sunny & dry, or if the auto-queue says, sunny & dry, theres no use reporting that its going to be wet and fix farmers problems. Thats not the power of television.

If your sick of being lazy and letting someone else tell you the news and/or weather, try using your blogging time, to view current news (ABC news is most unbiased and you often read about things before any TV news group can get on site) and the BOM website for weather, predictions, hectopascal graphs, the lot. Then you can take control of what you get told, rather then (as per the norm of people) sitting infront of the TV believing what is presented.