Saturday, April 02, 2005

Delightful surprises at the Garden Centre

Whilst contemplating which plants to buy in the Garden Centre yesterday, two of the loveliest 'flowers' in my world found us. Our two youngest grandchildren were there with their mother, although Michelle hadn't seen us, but Shay (4) and Luca (21 mths.) did. It was so lovely to look down and see their smiling faces. I took Shay to the toilet and on the way we had to examine all of the colourful indoor plants, and before leaving the shop she chose a plant for herself, even though it wasn't one that Michelle particularly wanted. But it's worth it to maintain the interest. Last Tuesday, when walking the children home from pre-school, I said that I wanted to go down a particular street because I wanted to get some seeds off the trees. Shay checked every plant that we passed to see if it had seeds on that I could collect. Late in the afternoon I was working down in their garden, in between pushing Luca on the swing, when their father arrived home. Marcel lifted up a piece of black matting on the ground and the magpies had a real picnic snapping up all the black crickets. Luca tried valiantly to pick them up in his hands but couldn't quite manage it. The children are fascinated by all sorts of insects.

Of course, being at the Garden Centre meant more purchases, mainly perennials, seeds and seedlings, including a punnet of Bok Choy to be planted in the flower garden and let go to seed because they produce a wonderful display of clear yellow flowers for months. I always forget to actually pick the leaves to cook. Found packets of seeds from a French company called Vilmorin and bought a packet of Chickory, which looks rather like coarse Silver Beet except that the leaves are deep red. Just bought it for the looks as I've no idea what to do with it. I remember that it used to be grown on French Island years ago and was added to Coffee Essence. R. and I did a tour of Fr. Is. last year and had a cup of coffee made from the Coffee & Chickory essence. It certainly brought back memories of coffee years before the advent of Instant. Anyone remember it?

Oh, the Sweet Peas are coming up. Not sure if I'll get 200 but I'm happy with what I've seen so far.

I picked almost the last of Michelle's tomatoes this morning. Can you smell the relish cooking ???

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