Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fun with the kids

Not much gardening today except a little watering. The grandchildren arrived just after breakfast and M. went home to sort out the girls cupboards. Impossible to do that with the girls around because all the things that are to be disposed of suddenly become their most treasured possessions and they can't live without them. M. tells me it was a very successful day and bins and bags are overflowing. At the end of the afternoon, after the usual activities of painting/drawing, DVDs, lunch, dressing and undressing 18 Barbie dolls*, blowing bubbles, playing with playdough, and after Luca's 2-hour sleep, we all went up to the nearby playground. We must have looked a sight - Grandma and two small girls and an even smaller boy, and three dolls' prams containing numerous dolls and one teddy bear. I'm sure the toys enjoyed the outing as much as the children; they certainly had their turn on the swings and the slide.

*The dolls' clothes that I began making to sell on M's. market stall have now been scaled down to Barbie size, hence the accumulation of second-hand dolls to use as models. I'm quite enjoying the challenge of making these tiny garments now that I've gotten used to their size.

Hope to visit some gardens in the Southern Highlands on Thursday to check out the autumn colours. Maybe tomorrow would be the day to go and buy a digital camera?

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Srikar said...

Gardening seems to be your major pass-time. Frankly this is the first time I'm visiting a blog of someone much much older than me.

Maybe you can teach me a bit of gardening . . .