Friday, April 29, 2005

Who stole it?

Can we rely on anything or anyone these days? I think not. I am wondering who stole it and if they will own up. It's really becoming a sad situation. We were promised rain for today and it didn't eventuate - not a drop - so I feel certain that someone must have stolen it somewhere along the way. I mean, the weather forecasters could not have been wrong and even the TV weather presenters said that we would get some. So where is it? If you have it out there and are keeping it all to yourself, please remember that other people were promised some too, and it would be really good if you could share some of it around. I will keep looking at the sky in the hope that you have a change of heart, realise the error of your ways, and send it over. We will accept it with gratitude and no hard feelings.

PS. Please don't send it on Sunday as the local craft markets are on that day!!

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