Thursday, April 21, 2005

Top Marks, Chloe

Yesterday's puzzle concerning 'Chinese Lanterns' has been solved, both by the original writer AND by our Chloe. The offending plant is Physalis alkekengi 'Gigantea'. Various varieties have many common names including Chinese or Japanese Lantern, Ground Cherry, Husk Tomato, Bladder Cherry, Winter Cherry, CAPE GOOSEBERRY, Golden Berry and Jamberry.

Are we confused? Of course we are! Still, unless one has studied Horticulture and all those botanical names, some of us will just have to continue using common names and then do a bit of detective work when all else fails.


kath red said...

I love reading about your garden doings, its great to read a canberra garden blog where the ideas can be stolen (oops I mean re-interpreted) easily.

Alice said...

Thanks Kath. I love reading your blogs too and seeing the photos of your gorgeous children. I think you and my daughter (ShellyC) would have so much in common.