Friday, April 15, 2005

Micro Surgeon, or what?

When I am reincarnated (which I don't believe in anyway) I will be able to come back as a Micro Surgeon. I know I'll be good at it - I've been practising all day. Actually, transplant surgeon might be more apt because I've been transplanting tiny, and some not-so-tiny, seedlings into punnets and larger trays. Anyone that can hold onto an Ageratum with two leaves no bigger than a pinhead, separate it from its mates and then transplant it into potting mix without damaging it deserves to feel like I do - aching back, stiff fingers, headache and sore eyes. No, it wasn't really that bad, and I did have fun even if I don't know what to do with several dozen each of Carnations, Asters (which should have flowered 3 months ago, but weren't even planted until recently), Stocks, Aquilegia, Cinerarias, Ageratum, Everlastings and Strawflowers. The latter number at least 10 dozen (serves me right for saving a whole bucket of flower heads). There's a fair chance that quite a few will come up in the garden by themselves as a result of several months deadheading.
R. loves planting seeds but once they've come up he either loses interest in them or doesn't know what to do with them anyway, although he has continued to dote on the trees he has growing.

It looks like the lettuces are due for 'the treatment' tomorrow. Same conundrum - it takes two of us a week to eat a lettuce and I'm sure there are at least 100 out there!!

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Calidore said...

I know the feeling well about having too many lettuces or vegies all becoming ready at once.
I think I solved the problem this time, Elise planted seeds in punnets for me, but I worked out quantities first, gave her a list and then left her to it. Time will tell.