Monday, April 11, 2005

Weather doesn't play fair.

I looked forward to a day of rain - 70% chance they said - and 23 degrees. Okay, we did have 1.5mm overnight and 27 degrees today. I kept looking for the clouds to shade the sun so that I could plant out seedlings. Not many clouds in a clear blue sky so I planted dianthus, primulas and stocks anyway. The latter will be interesting as there was anything up to 5 seedlings in each section of the punnet, and since stocks suffer badly from transplant shock, I just planted them as they were rather than pulling them apart. Also planted 6 Bok Choy in the front garden, not to eat but to let grow tall and flower. Should be a lovely display for many weeks.

Sasanqua camellias are beginning to flower, self-sown larkspurs are coming up in droves and ranunculus are forcing their way through the mulch, so I'd better stop stomping on it.

I looked at photos of Moosey's garden and longed for a green lawn like hers. I've almost forgotten what colour green is.

The grandchildren are all coming tomorrow for the day so there won't be much gardening done, but we'll have fun doing other things.

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