Sunday, February 06, 2005

Been Shopping

What a beautiful day it is today. The Hall markets are on again. Not so many stalls this time but at least all the gardening ones seemed to be there, about 12 of them. Bought an orange canna with green & yellow striped leaves. I made sure that it had several good shoots so that I can break it up. Two calistemons with fairly insignificant lemon flowers but gorgeous pink new leaves. I had often admired them in a neighbour's garden but didn't realise what they were. Also bought some Catmint, a deep purple pelargonium (yes, another one), a shasta daisy and two variegated ajugas.

I was just about to go and plant them when I remembered that I had to put a heap of stuff through the mulcher and feed the compost heap. That's done, and I've had lunch, but do I have the energy to go back to the garden? Come on, force yourself, lazybones.

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