Sunday, February 20, 2005

Good Gardening weather, if only .....

Perfect gardening weather today - cool and cloudy, but it's raining, gently. Ah, the frustration, knowing that the rain is not heavy enough to soak into the ground nor give the plants a proper drink, but it's too heavy to actually work in. Although I guess if I lived in England I would consider this a fine day and get out into the garden anyway.

But I mustn't complain because even the cooler weather is kind to the plants and I can always spend time under shelter on the deck propagating plants. I use an old ironing board as a portable work bench but I think I shall have to buy another from the recycling centre as R. has taken over that one.

Can't decide weather to pull out all the cosmos and strawflowers today, tomorrow or give them a few more days grace. They are still flowering but well past their best. Even deadheading won't restore them to their former glory.

The claret ash trees are starting to change colour; they seem to be the first to indicate the change of season, especially those grown as street trees. There are a few bright red leaves on the pistachio in the neighbour's garden, so autumn will be full on soon. I think it's my favourite season of the four, not just because of the beautiful autumn colours but knowing that the hottest days are past and we'll have quite a few weeks of pleasant balmy weather before the first frosts.

Must empty some of the compost to make room for the influx of autumn leaves!

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