Monday, February 21, 2005

The Wonders of Water

I complained too soon about the rain yesterday; it later turned into a lovely steady fall bringing 18.5mm or 75 points. I still can't appreciate the rainfall when it's in metric, ie. 75 points seems much wetter than 18.5mm. Everything looks so fresh this morning and the grass is already a few shades of green darker.

We've just returned from a walk around the hill behind our house (about 3 klm) and the view over the mountains is quite spectacular. The sky is still overcast and the wisps of cloud nestling in the mountains contrasts with the multi-blues of the slopes. The sound of the early morning traffic is so distant that I can fool myself into thinking it is the ocean I am listening to.

The birds have been having a feast in the eucalypt trees and the ground beneath is covered in tiny gumnuts. R. couldn't help himself and brought home a hundred or so to see if he can strike them.

It does feel like autumn, and there are definite signs, but I know it's still FEBRUARY!

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