Monday, February 28, 2005


I'm sure all gardeners love the opportunity to visit plant nurseries wherever they find them. The ones with brilliant displays of flowers out the front may attract my attention but they are not necessarily the ones that I like. I rarely find anything to interest me in a nursery that has table after table of instant colour in pots, or straight rows of all the usual trees and shrubs. They are obviously catering for the masses, and that's fair enough as they are in business, but I'd much rather visit a nursery that looks slightly run down and overgrown, and then scramble around amongst all sorts of things all mixed up together. We often visit one on the South Coast like that, although we have to be careful about buying plants from there because of our severe frosts.

I buy a few plants from the craft markets but it's reached the stage that most things on sale are those that are easily propagated, and I already have them.

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